Jesse Schpakowski

Photography. It’s my life. It’s my passion. It’s my voice. Whether I’m photographing a wild animal, a spectacular sunset, a panoramic landscape or a person’s life event, I am in my element. Behind my camera my senses come into sharp focus. The clarity of my subject in the moment is all there is.

I was fortunate to be born and raised in Canmore, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies where the wilderness was my playground. My grad present was a little video camera. I spent countless hours filming the outdoor antics and adventures of my friends. From there I have moved up to my Nikons. I am a self-taught photographer. After 15 years of experience I am still a student of the art, always striving to try new techniques and ways of capturing that perfect shot.

My passion began with photographing wild animals. They are so alert, aware and always sensing what’s going on around them. Spending so much time in the wilderness has me turning my lens towards some of the breathtaking landscapes I find myself in. How do you capture the serenity, stillness and synchronicity of nature, or the raw power of water cascading over rocks?

Photographing the night sky and aurora brings with it the awe of how grand our universe is. I feel so insignificant when I see the clarity of the Milky Way without the light pollution of urban centres diminishing its vastness.

My photography journey continues to evolve. I’m excited to photograph people during many different life events whether it’s maternity photos, an engagement, family photos, weddings, or something more personal. I enjoy connecting with people and capturing these special moments in their lives.

I enjoy scouting out new locations and experimenting with ways to capture the personalities of the people I am photographing. I love the vast amount of natural beauty and wilderness that surrounds us here in Canada. I love adventure and challenges. It’s fun to take couples somewhere amazingly romantic to capture the essence of who they are as a couple. My goal is to have fun while creating photographs that my clients will treasure forever.

It is also my desire to use my expertise and professionalism to assist businesses and tourism in showcasing their offerings in the best light possible.

I have now made Vernon BC my home base in the beautiful Okanagan, and love to spend time traveling through my beloved Canadian Rockies or the West-Kootenays where family lives.

I live for the days when I can get “out there” with camera in hand, to bring the emotional aspect of an image into vivid focus.