Heather Fessenden(non-registered)
From the first time I saw the photo WHITE ROCK PIER I knew I wanted to be able to look at it every day. Thank you Jesse for making that happen with the canvas. Love it!!
You are very talented.
I've got my eye on other photos and will be placing another order.
Vanessa Romero(non-registered)
I found myself in awe looking through Jesse's photographs. Images of places that I've never been, but would like to one day experience for myself. Amazed by the worlds beauty, it's landscapes and wildlife that Jesse was able to truly capture and share with his audience. His work is beautiful, emotive, and inspiring! Keep up the great work Jesse, the world needs to continue to see what it truly has to offer.
Robert Schumann(non-registered)
It's what I expected ! brilliant ! I'm pretty sure he doesn't like to exaggerate in Raw photo editing like many Photographers do.Many pictures gave me the real life sense that I am used to seeing with the eye growing up in that part of the world. I'm quite surprised the photo of the wolf and the snow flake didn't win everything it was entered in . I think I can pic out the bear which stalked you. Yikes !
Jason Frost(non-registered)
I was immediately taken by a photo of a black wolf and promptly sought out Jesse to ask if I could purchase a print. Upon coming to his site I saw such exquisite photos. He was fast as lightning to respond and made the photo print accessible for me to purchase and went out of his way to help me. I run a business walking and training dogs called Black Wolf Adventures and Jesse went above and beyond to make a logo for my business using the photo I love so much. So not only a great photographer but clearly a great person and communicator. I highly recommend Jesse and his work! Thank you Jesse!
Thank you for donating the amazing photo of the dock on kalamalka lake to the 8th annual JCI Vernon Hospital Gala silent auction. Your donation and support helped to raise money for VJH and services needed. I know you business is new and we appreciate your community support.
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